Spirit of a man reshaped by nature's hands St. George's mushroom stands, at dawn adorns our land, albeit slightly wan and split, just like the man was

I wandered, and what should I find: a hairy-hooded Parasol there stood! The lobster of the wood, its flesh tastes quite as good's I think a baby's would

Choose robust Agaricus, the mushroom you can trust, he's really got it sussed, he'll never cause you fuss, and even maggots must agree he's tasty

Often fairies dare to meet on lawns but there's not one that ever cares to tidy all their chairs away. Their litter's fair for taking, eat some mair!

Pretty Amanita, pallid man defeater, never will I eat you. Should we ever meet I'll speedily retreat and run a kilometre

Psilly semilanceata's what I fancy. 'luding easy glances, bruiser breezy dancing scatters tiny handsome midnight coloured chancers. First I ate four of em, then I had four dozen, and then all of a sudden..

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