Today on the subway ride home I was so close to standing up and rallying napkins from fellow passengers for a kid that had been taking a launch break on and off for a good 15 minutes in the car. I was close enough to my stop to do it, and close enough to escape in time for the adrenaline drop which would make my nerves rattle and my body quiver in sudden awareness and humiliation of what I had just done. I wish I had had the balls to get up and do it.

I keep having these moments of wanting to play public role model...about a month ago, I wanted to yell at some teenage girls spitting sunflower seeds onto the subway car floor. I'm not really wanting to play hero, I just get really annoyed in these situations.

We're all sitting there made uncomfortable by this guy's technicolor yawn...why not gather all the napkins and newspapers around and try and get the kid to clean up as much of it as possible so we don't have to deal with it anymore? (The smell wasn't really that obnoxious where I was that was part of the lack of a sufficient catalyst, I reckon).

Perhaps the kid was so trashed he wouldn't have been able to pull himself together. I laughed all over my shoes in a cab a couple of months ago (Long before crossing the williamsburg bridge into brooklyn, so it was rotting for a while) and managed to go upstairs to my third floor apartment, get cleaning stuff, and clean it up. The cab driver said I was a strong woman and didn't believe that I was intoxicated. Girl, let me tell you. When I crawled into bed the world was spinning so bad I hopped back up and Googled "sobering up" to no avail. I'm not sure how I finally fell asleep. Miss Dee here had taken to introducing her Heineken-addicted Korean bosschick to Tequila. And then we smoked her up. And one more shot of tequila after my usual limit of 3. I'm not even really sure how many shots it was, but I just really could not even get the words "Pull over" out. This kid was that drunk. He kept tossing cookies, and revisiting lunch in a seemingly uncomfortable cycle. Well, okay...he had more frequency than volume, which was a good thing...but it was gross and hardcore. People either moved away or just made wretched faces.

I apologize for talking about clearing your tonsils so's taking its toll on me, as well, at the moment. I guess I just needed to relay the level of irritation that was rising at the time. So why didn't I act on it? That would have been such an easy situation to garner support for. it was a crowded train car...the guy in front of me had some napkins, that's what triggered the proposition for action. In a crowded train certainly there would have been enough tissues. People wouldn't mind parting with them. A lack of self-confidence is apparent. I have piercings....I'd look cool making a scene like that. *sigh*

The kid laid down and passed out, people were leaving the train more than they were entering, my stop came quickly...Life went on.

Perhaps we should all try to do something proactive like this at least once in our lives.

Hopefuly next time...

PS: If yer gonna DV this potentially interesting node I've written, please let me know why unless it's not general suckage. I know this belongs in the database somewhere, so let me know where it fits better or how it could fit this better and I'll revise. I'm a little rusty. :)

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