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Everyone loves dogs, especially little puppies. Recently, two friends of mine (they're sisters) got themselves an absolutely adorable one. We'll call him 'Frisky'.

So they began teaching the dog to defecate outside. Things were going well. One thing they were having problems with was that Frisky got into everything. Eating socks, tearing up mail & newspapers - pretty much the usual. Sure, it was a mess - but the dog was worth it. Soon, they would have the house puppy-proofed, and all would be well.

Yesterday, Tara (fake name) came home, and went upstairs. Her first observation was that the dog had been into the trash can. Then, she saw Frisky. He had a little something in his mouth.

It was her sister's used Maxi Pad.

She had to have a tug of war with Frisky, to get it out of his mouth. A moral to the story... Cover your trash can!

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