"Dinna forget, anytime, anywhere, for always and always, I love ye..."
Brigadoon '74

Happy Birthday,

I just found a lovely card, one of many in an old box of forgotten mementos and photographs. The line from Brigadoon was on the right hand side; on the left, a list of lovely things he saw in a teen-aged me.

It was a surprise to see so many qualities that people still notice in the adult I am today. No question, they aren't the things you would expect a 17-year-old guy to write about, even someone who knows you so well. I'm glad he included some unrealistic odes on this un-Grecian urn, or I'd be a little spooked.

Jeff, thank you for loving me in 1974. My eyes are still blue, and I still love to laugh. I still make time when a friend needs someone who will listen without passing judgment. And I wish I had loved you the way you loved me.

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