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Oh yeah, we are techies, hear us roar. Give me a break.

Developers and admins are every bit as ignorant of what goes in other departments of their company as they so inecessantly complain other people are of what goes on in theirs.

I've been in tech support for a while now, and no one makes our job harder than the self proclaimed deities down in the server room. Not stupid lusers, not bitchy managers. Every day something happens to give me three kinds of heart attack that could have been prevented by one techie deigning to answer his fucking phone, let alone send a mail around informing people of major changes he's plnning to do to the system in the weekend.

So yeah, they move to management and they discover that the sun doesn't shine from their under excersized little behinds. People don't treat them with reverence, they don't hold the sceptre of power that is superior knowledge anymore.

And yeah, they have to learn some bloody manners. And personal hygene. Well, good, I say.

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