Nice title, eh? Wish I had written it, but the honors go to oenone. It is her description of the community that is Everything. We are a diverse group of people stretched out across the globe and across age, cultural and language differences. We don't like the same things, but we love talking about them. We don't listen to the same music or read the same books-but we are fierce in our loyalties.

We make friends, lose friends and move around. We get jobs, lose jobs and occasionally get rich and/or famous. We live our lives out there-and then check back in here to record the details. We come here to get advice, to send out advice and bounce our thoughts and ideas off the database-and see what sticks. Although some of us meet in person and get to know each other in a "normal" face to face manner, that is the exception. The rest of us remain separate and connected-anonymous and intimate.

We embrace this apparent contradiction. Strange and beautiful.

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