De gustibus ... asleep with the grass in your ear,
palm down, in sunlight ...
    te amo  te amo  te amo
  i forget if the person i saw was myself or you
      asleep in the placenta of memory
                        palm clasped,
                        in the dark
    the dark spaces swimming with sunspecks
    tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow
omnifilling, everything radiating out
    heartparticles in the dusty grubbing
                  in the yellow air
                  between my fingers
            mirrorshard in my eye
      tearing fullducted out for true
      denial denial deny
    ohm omni ominimimi mi  oh oh  all of me
                  loosepacked experience
                    sloshing up the sides + into corners
                          i like this,
                            a sigh -
            your breathing in tune to the trees
              palm down in the dirt
                asleep / looking.

-- something i wrote at bard when i was lonely, in love (i think), and happy to be alone. --

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