The ALTA (Asset Lodgment Trust Accounts) helds anonymous asset accounts at the DMT (Digital Monetary Trust) and is accessed via the World Wide Web.

ALTA assets may include currency deposits, shares of certain stocks, certain types of warrants, and whatever other assets (such as gold) that the system is equipped to handle. On LESE you can trade your assets.

Supported currencies are: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP and DMT Rand. All assets can be exchanged offline using DBC (Digital Bearer Certificates).



The creation of accounts on ALTA is free. The accounts are anonymous. The transaction costs are 0.1%. Most (not all) of these assets may be also transferred outside the ALTA system into the ordinary global economy. Such transfers are, however, more costly and transactions lose their confidentiality outside the system.


Transfers outside the ALTA system require minimum sizes, around USD 1000 for incoming and USD 250 for outgoing transfers.

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