Any mechanic wishing to become ASE certified (in the US) must fulfill two requirements. They are

  • Pass a written exam covering their chosen areas of certification.
  • Present documentation verifying past work experience or training. Two years of work experience or an equivalent amount of training is required by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
The currently available tests are
  • Cars and Light Trucks
  • Alternative Fuels
    • F1 Light Vehicles-Compressed Natural Gas
  • Medium and Heavy Trucks
    • T1 Gasoline Engines
    • T2 Diesel Engines
    • T3 Drive Train
    • T4 Brakes
    • T5 Suspension and Steering
    • T6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
    • T7 Heating, Ventilation, & A/C
    • T8 Preventive Maintenance Inspection
  • Parts Specialist
    • P2 Automobile Parts Specialist
    • P1 Med/Hvy Truck Dealership Parts Specialist
    • P3S Med/Hvy Truck Aftermarket Parts Specialist
    • (Suspension and Steering)
    • P4 General Motors Parts Consultant
  • Advanced Automotive Repair
    • L1 Automobile Adv'd Engine Performance Specialist
    • L2 Truck Adv'd Elec. Diesel Engine Diagnosis
  • Collision Estimating and Repair
    • B2 Painting and Refinishing
    • B3 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
    • B4 Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
    • B5 Mechanical and Electrical Components
    • B6 Damage Analysis and Estimating
  • School Buses
    • S1 Body Systems and Special Equipment
    • S2 Diesel Engines
    • S3 Drive Train
    • S4 Brakes
    • S5 Suspension and Steering
    • S6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
    • S7 Air Conditioning Systems and Controls
  • Engine Machinist Specialist
    • M1 Cylinder Head Specialist (Gas or Diesel)
    • M2 Cylinder Block Specialist (Gas or Diesel)
    • M3 Assembly Specialist (Gas or Diesel)
  • Truck Equipment Series
    • E1 Installation and Repair Specialist
    • E2 Electrical/Electronic Systems
    • E3 Auxiliary Power Systems
  • Specialty Tests
    • X1 Exhaust Systems

ASE Testing is done twice a year, once in May, and again in November. Candidates for ASE certification must pick and choose which tests and dates they will test on upon registering. Registration is $28, and the cost of each test is $23, or $45 for L1 recertification. Testing fees are not refundable and candidates must present a photo ID along with their admission ticket to the exam in order to test. Candidates may take up to four tests per day.

If a person fails an exam, he/she may take the exam the following May or November the tests are offered again. Registration fees are still required to be paid to re-test. If a person passes an exam, certification creditials will be awarded once appropriate training or work experience has been documented and sent in to the ASE Institute for verification.

ASE certification is available currently in the US, Canada, Brazil, and in Mexico. Non-English candidates may choose to bring in translators to read the test questions to them. ASE Institute rulings state that translators/readers must not have any type of automotive experience. If a candidate exercises this option, then they are limited to two tests per day.

In general, certified mechanics will earn more money than uncertified mechanics because of the fact that the Blue Seal of Excellence is recognized as a status symbol in automotive repair. Certified mechanics will receive a patch to wear on their shirt along with a certificate recognizing their certification and a wallet ID listing their areas of certification.

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