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Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare (the Aarti) is one of the most common prayers sung by Hindus, especially at dusk, dawn, or to conclude any worship. The song is accompanied by sacrifice (usually of fruit or some type of sweet) and the use of a flame to represent sacrifice, cleansing, and all the other religious symbolism of fire. The prayer is on a par with the Lord's Prayer in Christianity--if you know a Hindu, you probably know someone that can sing at least the first verse of the Aarti.

The prayer goes as follows:

Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare
Swami Jaya Jagadisha Hare
Bhakta janon ke sankata, daas janon ke sankata,
Kshana mein door kare - Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

Oh God, Lord of all Creation
Who removes in a moment the troubles
Of the faithful and the sufferings
Of those who serve you,

Jo dhyaave phala paave, dukha vinase mana ka
Swami dukha vinase mana ka
Sukha sampati ghara ave, sukha sampati ghara ave
Kashta mite tana ka
Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare

One who meditates on You gets the fruit.
Sorrow is removed from mind and heart,
Happiness and wealth come to the home,
And pain is wiped away from the body.

Mata pita tum mere, sharana parun mein kiski
Swami shara parun mein kiski
Tuma bina aur na dooja, tuma bina aur na dooja
Asha karoon mein jiski
Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

You are my mother and father
In whom I take refuge.
No other than You do I accept
Of whom I accept everything

Tuma purana paramatma, tuma antarayami
Swami tuma antarayami
Par brahma parameshvara, par brahma parameshvara
Tuma sabake swami
Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

You are the complete being.
You are the knower of all hearts.
You are beyond Brahma, the Supreme Lord.
You are the Lord of all.

Tuma karuna ke sagar, tuma palana karata,
Swami tuma palana karata
Main moorakh khal kaami, Main sevaka tum swami
Kripa karo bharataa
Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

You are an ocean of compassion.
You are the sustainer,
I am the servant, Lord Grant me Your Grace, O Lord.

Tum ho ek agochara, sabke pranapati,
Swami sabke pranapati
Kisa vidha miloon dayamaya, kisa vidha miloon dayamaya
Tuma ko main kumati Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

You are the Invisible One,
The protector of all life.
Who else would be the channel
Through whom the compassion flows?

Deena bandhu dukha harataa, tum rakshaka mere,
Swami tum rakshaka mere
Apne hath uthao, apne charan lagao,
Dwaar para main tere Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

You are the companion of the meek
And reliever of their sorrow.
You are my savior. Raise Your Hands
In blessing - I am lying at Your Door.

Vishaya vikar mitao, pap haro deva,
Swami pap haro deva
Shraddha bhakti badhao, shraddha bhakti badhao,
Santan ki seva
Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare

Wipe away my worldy faults,
Take away my sins, O Lord.
Increase my faith and devotions
In order that I may serve the saints.

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