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Some people wonder as to why my I have Abducted as my nick name. Am I one of those poor souls on a milk carton? Do I aspire to one day be one? Am I one of those totally wacked out alien fanatics that won't stop until he finally convinces the world that aliens exist and that he has been taken by them? To answer the first question, what is the probability that my captor would sit me down with a computer with net access and a compiler. Not good? That's what I think too. If you are currently being held captive by someone with a high speed net connection, state of the art computer system, large holding room and plenty of sodas, then contact me, I think we can work out an exchange. Do I aspire to become captive? Not unless the conditions in the previous sentence are met, but that wasn't the reason I chose my nickname, so let's move on. About being an alien fanatic. No, I am not an alien fanatic, I would have a huge assortment of pictures with ufo's and tons of bizarre government conspiracy theories listed here. The way that I got my name was quite simple. In 1994 I decided that I wanted to put up a bulletin board service. It would be quite nice and have lots of nifty forums and download areas. The problem is that it needed a name, and then I needed a nick name to go with it. Aliens are cool, so I called it Aliens Land Here. After that, choosing my name, Abducted, was easy. It just fit.