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First of all, we need a common value system. Since I am the first one here, I feel it appropriate to submit one I agree with, so here it is:

1. Force should only be used when it is required, for example as a last resort response to the use of force by another.

2. Membership in a community should be optional.

3. Community of person is required. (you've got to get yourself together)

4. Community of organism is special. (but apparently optional)

5. Honesty is required. (without it, you are alone)


Those are my rules. I have learned a few other things during the past seventy years or so, but am not sure my community values go beyond those given above.

I do have one other suggestion. It is in regard to name calling. I would suggest that we refrain from it. It is absolutely essential that we notice that as soon as someone engages in name calling, that person has become a loser!

Hey. I meant to do that. A bad example is better than no example at all. That is all I have to say about values for the moment.

For further information on the values and Everything too(2) I would suggest Online Community Dynamics and What NOT to do on Everything2.

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