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Many people think that a nice strong acid is the trick to dissolving someone after murdering them. Not so! A 20M solution of HCL or HF, would be an awful experience for anyone, but acids, when in contact with skin actually cause a slick film to be produced.

This is not the desired effect of a certain British man in the late 80s who decided to dissolve his wife so he could flush her down the drain.

Instead look to the other side of the pH scale! Yes that's right! By using a very concentrated, high pH solution, the body will dissolve like sugar in water. A suggestion would be NaOH at 20M. Why go for anything less? This solution will quickly strip the skin from anyone's body and in under 24 hours you will not see anything but a colourful soup of liquified innards. Just pop the plug, and in a whirlpool of stuff, the person in question is out of your hair for good.

The things you can learn from an ex-IRA Chemistry Prof...

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