"Adam and Dog" is a 2011 short animated film, written and directed by Minkyu Lee. Its running time is about 15 minutes. It was nominated for, but did not win, the Academy Award for best animated short film. It contains no spoken dialogue, other than animal noises.

The story takes place in the Garden of Eden, where a lonely dog searches for companionship. After finding other animals unsuitable, he finds a human, Adam, and Adam and the dog quickly become inseparable, exploring the vast world around them. However, when Adam discovers Eve, and doesn't have time for the dog, the dog leaves in dejection, only to be reunited with Adam and Eve after their exile from the garden.

This film moves slowly, and much of its length is taken up with lingering shots of the landscape that Adam and the Dog are travelling through. One of the benefits of a short film is that things can be explored that would become tedious in a longer film: this film is about the relationship between Adam and the Dog, but the necessities of a longer film, such as introducing conflict and a plot are not needed. What we are left with is a seemingly placid film with understated movement. However, given the effort put into this film, and the theological and literary underpinnings of the story, there is quite a bit going on here, although I can not totally analyze what this film is about. All I know is that it was visually gorgeous and emotionally evocative.

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