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A nymph who took care of the infant Zeus in Greek Mythology.

-Edith Hamilton, Mythology

Also a moon of Jupiter. I also saw at many other sources that Adrastea was the daughter of Zeus and Ananke and that she distributed awards and punishments. How she could be Zeus' daughter yet take care of the infant Zeus is beyond me. Perhaps there were two Adrasteas?

Info and numbers on the moon, taken from http://www.angelfire.com/on2/daviddarling/Adrastea.htm:

The second-closest moon of Jupiter, moving just one Jovian radius above Jupiter's cloud tops. Adrastea is extremely small and irregular in shape. Like its inner neighbor, Metis, it orbits faster than Jupiter spins on its axis, a situation that results in orbital instability and will eventually cause Adrastea to spiral into Jupiter's atmosphere. Adrastea is a sheperd moon of Jupiter's main ring and, together with Metis, appears to be the source of the material making up this ring.

Discovery 1979, D. Jewitt and E. Danielson/Voyager data
Mean distance 128,400 km (79,800 miles)
Diameter 25 x 20 x 15 km (16 x 12 x 9 miles)
Mean density 4.5 g/cm³
Escape velocity 0.014 km/s (50 km/h, 31 miles/h)
Orbital period 0.298 day (7 hours 9 minutes)
Orbital eccentricity 0.000
Orbital inclination 0.00°
Visual albedo 0.05

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