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A concept popularized (invented?)by Buckminster Fuller.

Bucky's worldwide power grid is an excellent example of the application of this idea. Most countries use less power at night. It is always night time somewhere on Spaceship Earth. It is now possible to transmit power, using ultra-high voltage, 7000 kilometers (for direct current) and 4000 kilometers (for alternating current). The idea is for countries to sell their unused power to other countries. More developed nations selling power to underdeveloped nations would make better use of non-renewable energy sources used in the generation of the power. Efficiency in generation of power also means less pollution, etc. More power available to underdeveloped nations also results in raising their quality of life. The nation providing the power benefits from this setup by the extra income from selling the power (it seems obvious to me, but I figured I should be explicit). Lastly, the power grid would discourage war (hopefully) because (i think this might be a stretch for politicians) a nation wouldnt want to bomb part of its own power grid, cutting off the income from their power customer. It seems to me to be an excellent idea.

While reading about this idea in a Robert Anton Wilson book (right where you are sitting now), it occurred to me that the internet might be able to provide some of the advantages of the power grid. Specifically, the discouragement of war, as we depend on the internet more and more.

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