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As I gazed at the banana on my desk in front of me, my eye traveled down the smooth yellow arc and came to rest on a small red sticker. I thought to myself, ahh, this will be the familiar Chiquita or Del Monte brand sticker. But no! It was a "got milk?" advertisement.

That is when I decided once and for all that the California Fluid Milk Processor Advisory Board had gone too far. Have they no decency? No shame? Sure, they can advertise on billboards, buses, and in magazines (and believe me, they do), but on my banana? For God's sake, where does it end? Must everything be tainted? Is there no respite from the capitalist onslaught?

No! I don't "have milk"! I don't "want milk". Milk doesn't sit all that well with me. And even if I "had milk", I couldn't escape the advertisements...the barrage of rich and famous people who got where they are today because they "got milk". I don't believe that for a second! I know in my heart that they got where they are today because they drink 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice.

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