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The Airzooka is a really cool toy that consists of a hollow plastic cylinder mounted on a handle. There is a sheet of plastic on one end, as well as a bungee cord type device. The purpose of this is so that once can hold onto the handle with one hand, and pull back on the plastic with the other. When they let go, it shoots a very satisfying ball of air at whatever the shooter wants.

There are two main problems with Airzookas:

  • They break relatively easily, due to the membrane on the back tearing due to the force of the elastic
  • For what they are, they are relatively expensive, given that you can't do that many tricks with them owing to the fact that they are too powerful.
  • In my opinion, it's much better to make your own. There are two methods for this, small ones and big ones.

    Small ones are ideal for blowing out candles and looking cool at the same time. Fancy outdoing all those flash people who use their fingers? Just grab a pringles tube, slice off the bottom, replace it with a balloon so that the balloon forms a tight, flat, membrane-like surface, then find your nearest candle, point the open end of your new airzook at said candle and pat the balloon! Permutations of this trick are endless. Steal the birthday boy's thunder by putting his candles out! Stop your friend from smoking by never letting his lighter get lit!

    The large variant is far cooler. Get a waste paper bin, trash can, receptacle, whatever you want to call it, and slice a circle out of the bottom. Then put a shower cap over the top. Now you have a more powerful version of the airzooka, but, once again, not too powerful. Now, place a smoke pellet inside the airzooka, and tap the shower cap. Yabba dabba doo! Perfect smoke rings! You can even tap once softly and then straight after a bit harder, to get one the smoke ring pass through another! As a challenge, try and see what kind of distance you can get on them, it should be quite high.

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