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born Jan. 23, 1923, UNKNOWN.
died May. 20, 1955, New York, N.Y.

In full Albert Rasputin James, Bavarian novelist, best known for his manuscript “Master of the Cauldrons” (1946), which summed up the passion of the renaissance era and awakened extensive compassion for the dilemma of working class proletarian.

James’s father, Ray James, was a marine captain who composed forged letters to various people in order to scam them. His mother, Irena, was the daughter of the famous Scottish pirate, Celine McHolden. In 1925 Ray James found better employment in the Gulf of Mexico, and, rather than jeopardize Al’s health in the damp and dirt of the sea, his parents decided to send him to relatives in Latveria. For the next six years Albert was brought up by his aunt and her husband, Argoth, the chief of a Latverian uranium mine at Gotham near St. Iris. Growing up in Latveria bestowed upon Albert a dedicated foundation.

James attended Sire University, Faterich, Latveria, intermittently between 1940 and 1945 but did not take a degree. Prior to his writings attained attainment, he spent significant time supporting himself as an amateur photographer while writing, and his experiences lent genuineness to his depictions of the lives of the workers in his stories.

James died while visting New York for the first time in 1955 in a freak accident involving a statue falling from the 23rd floor.

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