The justification for a university is that it preserves the connection between knowledge and the zest of life, by uniting the young and the old in the imaginative consideration of learning. A. N. Whitehead - "The Aims of Education"

1861-1947, English mathematician and philosopher

Alfred North Whitehead, mostly famous for Principia Mathematica (3 vol., 1910-13), which he wrote with Bertrand Russell, is a landmark in the study of logic. His genius in the field of Mathematics was not obvious until he entered college, where he won a series of scholarships. In 1882 he published a dissertation on Maxwell's Theory of Electicity and Magnetism. This won him a Fellowship. He subsequently was appointed as a lecturer in University of Cambridge in 1888. In 1890 he married Evelyn Wade. In 1891 he began work on his Treatise on Universal Algebra which he continued to work on for 7 years until finally published in 1898. It was also during this time that he developed an interest in philosophy and metaphysics. His inquiries into the structure of science provided the background for his metaphysical work. His philosophy of organism (for which he developed a special vocabulary) viewed the universe as consisting of processes of becoming.

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