Computer programming language with a very orthogonal syntax and semantics; possibly the first imperative language to be given a full formal specification of syntax and semantics.

Designed to be an improved successor to Algol 60, but its success was hampered by a rebellion in the ranks that led to the more down-to-earth Pascal language.

Algol 68 was ahead of its time, and contained many features that are considered state-of-the-art in modern languages. As Bjarne Stroustrup explains in his book The Design and Evolution of C++, Algol 68 had a significant influence on many features and the syntax/semantics of C++. For instance, the sucess of operator overloading in Algol 68 persuaded Stroustrup to persevere with it in C++.

Features of Algol 68:

This is the genealogy of the programming language Algol 68:

Algol 68 is a child of Algol 60.
Algol 68 was born in year 1970, and has not changed much since that time.

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