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All Flesh Must Be Eaten is an RPG of survival horror. The game is produced by Eden Studios, the makers of Conspiracy X. Players in the game take on the role of characters from all walks of life: video store clerks, soldiers, psychic goths, etc... The game is based on battling the zombie menace. The Zombie Master can create settings based on his favorite zombie film, or come up with something completely new. The rules for zombie creation are just as flexible as that of player character creation. The game comes ready with a number of possible settings and zombie types (including the Zombie Cow) in case you aren't feeling creative that evening. The book is hardcover, oddly sized, and expensive but I found it well worth the price. The first printing sold out fast and the lucky people who got a copy got a free "All Fresh Must Be Eaten Candy Bar". Fleshy Chocolate with a Crunch.

It may also be noted that the first printing of AFMBE was also littered with errors, such as spelling mistakes and parts of the glossary remain unchanged from the Witchcraft RPG (Which uses the same game system as AFMBE (Under "Story" in the glossary, the line "A good Story is the final result and ultimate objective of any WitchCraft game." can be found.).
Errata for the book is available from the official AFMBE site, http://www.allflesh.com, as well as other character Archetypes, new Zombie rules, new weapons and

A Zombie Master's screen has been released and upcoming supplements include:

"Enter the Zombie", which deals with kung-fu combat rules, as well as Eastern zombies.

"A Fistful of Zombies", provides rules for playing with zombies in the Wild West. Think a Western with added zombies. Written by Shane Lacy Hensley who wrote the Deadlands RPG, this includes conversion rules for Deadlands.

"Pulp Zombie" gives the tacky pulp novel a coat of brain-coloured zombie paint.

"The Book of All Flesh" isn't really a supplement, but I'm gonna include it anyway. This is a book comprising of several zombie-related short stories by horror writers.

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