Wait for the ticket sale to start. Wait till next paycheck to clear out my credit card. Wait for vacation.

Wait for taxi to bring me to the airport. Wait at check-in. Wait at Tim Horton's for a coffee. Wait in line at security. Stand in metal detector. Wait to be cleared. Wait to be cleared. Wait for the look of approval in security guard's face.

Wait at my gate for boarding. Boarding has started. Wait in line to check tickets and ID. Head to plane. Wait for line to subside, sit in seat. Wait on tarmac. Now taxiing. Wait for plane to takeoff.

Wait for seatbelt signal to turn off. Wait for flight attendant. Give order, wait for Coke and tuna salad. Wait for garbage trolley to come by. Wait for bathroom light to turn off, use toilet. Back in seat, bored. Wait for plane to arrive. Wait for seatbelt signal to come back on. Wait for descent.

Landed. Wait on tarmac. Wait for doors to be opened, retrieve carry-on luggage. Wait for line to clear. Emerge from plane, head to baggage. Wait for baggage to start rolling out.

Wait to see my luggage. Going around...around...around...damn don't see my luggage. Must be on next load. Wait for next load. Go for coffee while I wait. Wait in line for coffee. Come back, wait for next load. Next load arrives. Wait for my luggage to appear. Luggage appears. Head for airport exit.

Wait for taxi. Found taxi. Wait for taxi that is willing to go only 2 km. Waiting. Waiting. Found it. Get in taxi, wait to arrive at hotel.

Get there, wait in line. Check-in. Wait for an elevator.

Find my room, run bath. Wait for water to warm up. Check TV, movie coming on in an hour. Wait for movie. Order club sandwich. Wait for room service. Go to bed, wait to fall asleep, big day tomorrow. Can't wait.

Wake up, get dressed, unpack, head downstairs. Wait in breakfast line. Put bagel in toaster. Wait for it to cook. Wait in line-up for cream cheese. Wait until the dining area clears. Sit down. Eat. Go next door to convenience store. Wait in line behind a lotto grandmother. Buy bus tickets. Head outside, check bus schedule. The one I want just went by three minutes ago. Wait for next bus.

Get on bus, wait for line-up to pay fare. Pay fare. Find seat, sit down, wait to arrive at museum. Get off bus. Wait in front for friend who should be here by now. Wait in front for friend who should be here by now. Pace around, sit down on park bench, break out a book. First sentence, Ignatius who? Friend arrives.

Waiting in line for museum passes. Present discount coupon. Wait for attendant to verify it. Wait for manager to come. Wait for attendant to explain to manager the situation. Wait for manager to come to a favourable decision. Manager does not come to a favourable decision. Wait while friend goes to ATM.

Wait in line for Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. Wait to see something amazing. Peer at dusty parchment. Wait to be amazed. Go check out 16th c. samurai armour. Be amazed.

Wait in line at cafeteria. Wait for tray. Wait to place order. Wait for burger to be cooked. Wait for condiments. Find table, sit down, wait for friend to arrive.

Wander around, wait for night-time. Wait for more friends to arrive. Google map our route. Can't find signal. Wait for wireless signal. Found weak one. Wait for load screen. Type in destination. Wait for load screen. Zoom in. Wait for load screen. Map route. Wait for load screen. Call taxi. Wait for taxi.

Get to club, wait in line. Wait for bouncer to check ID. Wait for green light. Wait while friend fumbles around in pockets for cover change. Head to bar, wait for friends' orders. Wait for beer.

Head to dance floor, wait for good song to come on. Wait for hot girl to walk by. Wait to get drunk before I really let myself go. See girl. Wait to gain courage to talk to girl. Waiting. Waiting. Go to friend to get drink order. Wait for friend to stop talking to girl. Waiting. Waiting. Head to bar, wait for beer. Wait for other friend to stop talking to girl. Waiting. Waiting. Wait for them to admonish me. Admonished. Head to bar, wait for beer. Head to bathroom, wait for urinal. Head to dance floor, wait to go home.

Next day, wait at friend's house for beer to arrive. Wait to get drunk on 24 of Coors Light. Waiting...waiting...

Three days in, wait for week to end. Week ends. Wait in line for check-out. Check out. Wait three hours in lobby with luggage. Call taxi. Wait for taxi. Get in taxi, head to airport. Wait to arrive.

Wait for baggage check, wait for coffee, wait in bookstore, wait in security. Wait again at my gate, wait for plane to board, wait to find seat, find seat, wait on tarmac. Wait for plane to take off. Wait for plane to arrive already.

Plane arrives. Wait for baggage, wait for second baggage load. Get luggage, wait for bus. Just went by. Bus arrives, get on bus, wait to head home. Wait to smoke a fat joint.

Get home, strip down, put on pajama pants, recline, roll joint. Ahhh. Put feet up on coffee table. Light joint. Inhale. Relax. Turn on TV. Check to see when the big game starts.


Wait for game to start.

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