A school of feminism in which all positive human traits are ascribed to humans who self-identify as women and all negative human traits are ascribed to humans who self-identify as men. A sub-category of the all-X-are-evil ideas which are the basis for all human predjudice. When such ideas are held by a majority in power against an oppressed minority they should be uniformly considered a fundamental moral wrong. More intriguing is the case when they they held by oppressed minority against a majority in power. Since predjudice can be and, demonstratably, often is internalized by the oppressed minority such counter-predjudice may serve the necessary function of bringing consciouness to that internalization.

The all-men-are-evil theme has been pushed to an extreme in radical feminism (see Mary Daly) to the point where men are not even seen as a necessary evil. I kid you not that there is a belief amoung some radical feminists that in the ideal feminist society that healthy woman cleansed of all traces of the Patriarchy will begin to spontaneously reproduce via parthenogenesis. While rare verified cases have been observed in some "higher" species of animals (e.g. frogs), it does not seem likely to ever become the sole method of propogation for our species (see virgin birth).

The all-men-are-evil school of feminism fails to make a distinction between the Patriarchy and Men. Clearly, men (as well as women) are conditioned by the Patriarchy to perpetuate male domination. One need only exmine the culture of ancient Sparta to see an extreme example of this conditioning in practice. Again, the intriguing question is" what would a man be like in the absense of Patriarchy?" This is the fundamental question of the Men's Movement and answers are being actively sought as well in many branches of Neo-Paganism.

A quote from the afore-mentioned Mary Daly, who forsees and analyzes this type of predictable criticism:

"This will of course be called an ‘anti-male’ book…The use of this label is an indication of intellectual and moral limitations. Despite all the evidence that women are attacked as projections of The Enemy, the accusers ask sardonically: ‘Do you really think that men are the enemy?’ This deception/reversal is so deep that women – even feminists – are intimidated into Self-deception, becoming the only Self-described oppressed who are unable to name their oppressor…" –From Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism

Drawing attention to the supposed prejudices of the women’s movement (or, similarly, the black power movement, queer movement, etc.) is a convenient way to distract women from the fact that the agents of violent and oppressive acts aimed at women typically are male. It is also a really nice example of men demanding the lion’s share of the attention in any form of discourse. Radical feminism is a value system centered around women; nevertheless, mention the word "feminism" in mixed company (modified by the adjective "radical" or not), and you will probably be sucked into a lengthy discussion of how it relates to men and male experience. Hmmm….coincidence?

And who gets accused of ascribing to this "all-men-are-evil" doctrine? Any woman who has the gonads to talk about the individual agents that keep this clockwork orange, known in radical feminist circles as the Patriarchy, running smoothly. This is a fantastically effective way to keep the identities of those agents hidden from popular view, to instill the fear of God into free-thinking women whose version of feminism strays from the insipid popular-media Gloria Steinem variety, and to ensure that discussion about rape, sexism, patriarchal brainwashing and brutality stays on a nice safe theoretical level. ‘Nuff said.

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