2019 Sep 10

10 minutes: My fortune turned with the weather

Leaves blew in. The summer days were dying. The passing of the old meant new things were coming. The nights were darker now. I had to leave the house with a jacket on. The breeze was no longer comforting and gentle. Instead I struggled to keep it outside.

No summer evenings greeted me at the end of the day. No late sunsets and purple skies. Students changed their annual migration patterns, some to new schools, some here, some far away. 

Things were always changing but I usually didn't try to tie them together. Could I say everything was suddenly going my way, or everything was not? That depended more on my day-to-day mood. If I was feeling better, then it seemed the entire world was behind me. If I wasn't, then there seemed no end to the coming darkness.

Leaves rustled beneath my feet as I walked through them. I watched their colors slowly changing under the streetlamps as the days went by. It wasn't anything to take note of, until my view of the world changed, until I was given a better reason to get up each morning. Now they took on a new significance.

They were always the same colors every year, but this year was different. This year I noticed the life I was living, instead of ruminating about the life I wasn't. This year I had you.

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