A charming Jack T. Chick tract that deals with the (I remind you, what follows is all Chick, no ink-) complete invalidity of Islam as a religion. Normally tackling such mundane subjects as Halloween and role playing games, Chick may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew in this one.

The panel opens with an inquisitive child inquiring "What are they doing Daddy?" about several Muslim worshippers. The father answers "They're praying to their moon god, son." and is quickly confronted by a understandably angry Muslim. After a few threats, he then begins to illustrate the vast Islamic conspiracy which has of many goals, they expect "... a Muslim flag to fly over the White House by 2010." and that Islam is "bringing England to her knees". One would think the replacement of the US flag with, well, any other flag would cause some objection, but we'll let that slide for the moment.

Then, after a few speech bubbles of how "CHRISTIANITY IS A LIE" we get to the kicker. The father then tells our worshipper how we can resolve his objections rather tritely, as "Allah is not God!". The father then illustrates the fact of Allah being a pagan moon god with some rather contrived logic, which, as a man rather ignorant of the Islamic faith, I will not attempt to interpret here. The father then tells us how there is the "one true God" and that "on the last day Muhammed will bow down and say Jesus Christ is Lord!"

Cough. Well, then we get to the part which illustrates how Jesus died for our sins, and then the characteristic complete-conversion-of-former-terrible-evildoer occurs. The apparently now enlightened Muslim decides that he "must tell my people about the moon god and the glorious Christ who saves sinners and is coming soon".

The comic closes with a reference to the seemly completely unbiased book, "Islamic Invasion" by Robert Morey. I think both Chick and I can agree that when the last day comes, they take Chick first. And then wait a while to come back.

see http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0042/0042_01.asp

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