I'd really like to think that a simple request such as this would not cast me in the role of Super-Hi-Maintenance-Mega-Bitch, but apparently, I was wrong. My humble request was followed by a rather snotty, "You're DEMANDING!" I can't help but wonder: is it really that important to preserve one's dignity in the eyes of the troll-like denizens of an arcade one doesn't go to all that often? (Please note that I like arcades and I myself could probably qualify as some sort of junior-denizen of them, but this one had a particularly high troll quotient. This is not a slight on those who frequent arcades. Breathe.)

I truly believe that all of us have a basic human right to watch our rythmically-challenged friends play Dance-Dance Revolution (an arcade game which involves stepping on large buttons in time with the beat of various, once-popular songs) and laugh at them in a slightly diplomatic manner. The people who don't take themselves seriously 24/7 are a lot easier to deal with in the long run. There's nothing wrong with making an ass of yourself, unless you make of a career of it (like Tom Green or Pauly Shore).

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