How dare the polls be wrong - they have lied. Exit
statistics. The territory refuses its map. The people turn over
in their sleep. The gas bill is due. The car is dead
in the driveway. There will be no Lyft driving - also,
no phone.

Cope. Bobby and Billy are throwing a party tonight
with craft beer and Nevada pot. Twenty dollars is enough
to get wasted at Denny's on Friday night.

And America sleeps, but you are awake. In the light of a cell phone -
wasn't there an election today? But you had work
had work till three. There's no time off. It's not fair it's not fair

Winning. No need to be afraid any more of losing mother, father,
Melgar, or the guns to keep us safe from the state. Remember
back in Guatemala?

"They're all hijos de puta" grandma slurs. "At least this one is
stupid. Can't trust any of those sons of bitches." Oxycodone, her knee
bothering her again.

You went to the rally. Shared the picture. Said the right words,
eyes upcast in the vigil morning. No more deaths, no more guns no more
Sandy Red Hook Alabama Columbine until the sun came up.

You can have the factories, you can take the risks, can make america great

And those fools in the Midwest gave up on us gave us
racists. America asleep at the wheel, after
five years of doubles. Rusting factories. Home

But at least
America still has a gun. Any day, any day we'll
get the house back. Go to college. Get the dream back
when we go drug free. These politicians, they never last.

America has a gun.

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