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Ameritrade is an online brokerage house that allows Internet savvy consumers the ability to open up an online bank account that can be used in order to easily trade and manage stocks. Ameritrade gives the white collar business man an easy outlet to trade multiple times per day (otherwise known as Day Trading) or an outlet to trade whenever the person wants (Medium to Long-Term Investing).

Ameritrade offers its customers an Apex level of performance known uniquely as Ameritrade Apex which provides the customer with dedicated service, support, free tools, and 25% discounts on pay services. In order to be an Apex member you must have a $100,000 portfolio or trade an average of 10 times per month.

Recently, Ameritrade acquired Datek, a former online brokerage house, making them the second largest online brokerage firm next to Etrade. The acquisition of Datek gave Ameritrade an assortment of new tools and most importantly a tool called Ameritrade's Command Center. The Ameritrade Command Center is a window which allows a person to see streaming quotes, news, thier own portfolio, and the ability to trade all from one window. The Command Center is an extremely valuable tool to someone involved with daytrading, and the Command Center has given Ameritrade a good jump on the competition.

Personally, I've had experience day trader as an Ameritrade Apex user and the service, speed, and tools offered by Ameritrade are excellent as well as their low commission costs.

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