An Evening Among Headhunters... (1998) is a collection of travel writing by Lawrence Millman. Unlike other writers in the field, Millman writes about farflung places off the beaten path of human civilization.

Written in a personable, often witty style reminiscent of Bill Bryson, Millman explores such locales as the South Pacific, the Canadian Arctic, the largest unknown island in North America, the most remote community in the eastern United States, and the Latin American wilderness.

Like all good travel writing, Headhunters focuses on the cultural differences that make visiting other places interesting. In the opening essay, for instance, he learns that finding an English language book in Indonesia is not quite as easy as he'd thought -- particularly when the local "bookseller" is a Christian missionary who only has religious texts intended for children.

Other "adventures" include: drinking a Tongan home brew of kava that the author describes as "a blend of liquefied mud and muddy rainwater with a dollop od dental anaesthesia thrown in for good measure;" an attack by an army of "war ticks" in Honduras; and dinner with an Inuit family that includes raw seal eye as the main course.

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