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The very rich Ancient Romans had great huge feasts. These feasts often included wine, wild boar and a great amount of different kinds of meat. During such feasts the guests could eat so much they had to be sick. Infact there was even a special room which was set aside to throw up. A vomitorium. After going to the vomitorium they would go back to the table and continue to eat!

One of the Ancient Roman Emperors, named Maximinus I was a big, and I mean BIG, eater. He supposedly ate 20 kilograms of meat a day. Thats about all the meat you would get from a small sheep. Maximinus also enjoyed about 26 litres of wine each day. Why does it not surpise me that he died of overeating...

The Emperors of Rome were given the best food around. The peasants at the time could only dream of eating such foods as sausage, pork, nuts, wild boar etc.

In Ancient Rome fattened snails were very, very popular. The snails were taken out of their shells, then put in a shallow dish of milk and salt.
Romans loved eating their birds. Birds like herring gulls, ravens, peacocks, swans, coots, jackdaws, and crows.

The Ancient Romans did not waste their food. They liked to eat the brain, heart, and lungs. You name it--they ate it!

The Romans had some pretty gross drinks too. One of the most foul was made from fish guts.

The Romans ate horse meat sausages! A favourite among the Emperors was ostrich brains.

I really am glad I was not born back then.

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