Andrea Palladio 1508-1580

One of the most influential European architects and originator of the Palladian style of neo-classical houses and villas. His facades and exteriors have gained great respect, combining classical lines with Renaissance simplicity, but much of his skill lay in interior planning, which produced buildings which not only please the eye, but also allow the owners to use the space very effectively.

His most famous works are the villas in and around Vicenza and Venice, in Italy, but other notable works include three magnificent churches in Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore, Il Redentore and Santa Maria della Presentazione, "Le Zitelle"

In architectural terms, he spans the gap between the high Renaissance and Baroque.

His work was a major influence on Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren and other British architects, who pioneered the Georgian style of architecture

Andrea Palladio was born November 30, 1508, in Padua, Italy. His original name of Andrea di Pietro dalla Gondola, was changed to Palladio when, in his late 20s, he began studying under the Italian poet Giangiorgio Trissino, Under Trissino, Palladio visited Rome, and studied the antiquities there, studying the works of the Roman architect Vitruvius with special care.

BY 1540, Palladio was working on a number of villas around the Vicenza area, ten years later, he was designing villas for the wealthy merchants of Venice, and in 1560 the rulers of Venice commissioned him to complete the refectory for the Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore. Palladio completed his best-known buildings in Venice, with the three magnificent churches mentioned above.

In 1554, just a hundred years after the invention of movable type, Palladio wrote and had published his first major book, the Antiquities of Rome, which became the prime reference work until well into the 18th century.

IN 1570, he publishedI Quattro Libri dell'Architettura translated as. The Four Books of Architecture, 1571. This was, and remains his great contribution to modern architectural literature. It is still in print to day and has become one of the classic texts for architects around the world.

Palladio died in Vicenza in 1580


  • San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy, 1565
  • Il Redentore, Venice, Italy, 1576 to 1577
  • Tempietto (cappella Barbaro), Maser, Treviso, Italy, 1579 to 1580

Palaces and private houses

  • Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Italy, 1550)
  • Palazzo Thiene, Vicenza, Italy, 1545

Public Buildings

  • La Basilica di Vicenza, Italy, 1549)
  • Loggia del Capitaniato, Vicenza, Italy, 1571
  • Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, Italy, 1579 to 1580
  • Images of Loggia Bernardo. Loggia Bernardo Andrea Palladio begun 1571 Three arches in the front are supported by piers with "gigantic" engaged columns...


  • Villa Trissino, Cricoli, Vicenza, Italy, 1530 to 1537
  • Villa Piovene, Lonedo, Vicenza, Italy, 1538.
  • Villa Godi to Lonedo, Vicenza, Italy, 1538 to 1542
  • Villa Forni-Cerato, Montecchio Precalcino, Vicenza, Italy, 1540 to 154
  • Villa Valmarana, Vigardolo di Monticello, Vicenza, Italy, 1541
  • Villa Pisani, Bagnolo, Vicenza, Italy, 1544
  • Villa Poiana, Poiana Maggiore, Vicenza, Italy, 1545 to 1555
  • Villa Arnaldi, Meledo, Vicenza, Italy, 1546 to 1563
  • Villa Gazzotti-Marcello, Bertesina, Vicenza, Italy, 1547
  • Villa Angarano, Angarano di Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy, 1548
  • Villa Thiene, Quinto Vicentino, Vicenza, Italy, 1550
  • Villa Pisani Montagnana, Padova, Italy, 1553 to 1555
  • Villa Chiericati, Vancimuglio, Vicenza, Italy, 1554 to 1557
  • Villa Badoer, Fratta Polesine, Rovigo, Italy, 1554 to 1563
  • Villa Porto, Vivaro di Dueville, Vicenza, Italy, 1554 to 1558
  • Villa Barbaro, Maser, Treviso, Italy, 1555 to 1557
  • Villa Thiene, Cicogna di Villafranca Padovana, Padova, Italy, 1556 to 1563
  • Villa Repeta Campiglia dei Berici, Vicenza, Italy, 1557 to 1558
  • Villa Trissino, Meledo di Sarego, Vicenza, Italy, 1558? to 1562?
  • Villa Zeno, Cessalto, Treviso, Italy, 1559 to 1566
  • Villa Foscari, Malcontenta, Venice, Italy, 1560
  • Villa Cornaro (Gable), Piombino Dese,Padova, Italy, 1560 to 1565
  • Villa Saraceno, Finale di Agugliaro, Vicenza, Italy, 1560)
  • Villa Sarego, Miega di Cologna Veneta, Verona, Italy, 1562
  • Villa Caldogno, Caldogno, Vicenza, Italy, 1560 to 1565
  • Villa Valmarana, Lisiera di Bolzano Vicentino, Vicenza, Italy, 1563 to 1564
  • La Rotonda, Vicenza, Italy, 1566 to 1570)
  • Villa Sarego, Santa Sofia di Pedemonte, Verona, Italy, 1568 to 1569
  • Villa Porto, Molina di Malo, Vicenza, Italy, 1572
  • Villa Emo, Fanzolo, Treviso, Italy, 1559


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