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Angie is thinking.

The blue sky above her,
and parrots and pigeons.
Crossing her legs,
She closes her eyes...

Angie is thinking.

Autumn covered her dreams,
with fallen leaves and early nights,
She waits for summer, it's yet to come.
The sparrows with their quick little movements,
are building a nest in her window.
Leaf shadows are falling on her pavement.
She sips her tea and closes her eyes.

Angie is thinking.

Ignoring the telephone rings,
and sun reflected off the windows of a towering highrise.
No, nothing disturbs her.
She wonders if her dreams are larger than life,
Or if she is settling for less than her right.
Must she flow with the waters,
or get up and fight.

Angie is thinking

This once she needs to do everything right.
I'm waiting.

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