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A plant that completes its life cycle in one year, or one growing season. Most annuals, obviously, are not going to be woody plants, or very tall. Most annuals are very short, small plants that bloom,pollinate, seed and die very quickly. A good example would be dandelions.

Calling a plant an annual is a little arbitrary, since probably a great deal of plants that normally die at the end of the year could probably survive if they were in a warm enough climate. That is, if they aren't programmed to go through apoptosis after going to seed.

An"nu*al (?; 135), a. [OE. annuel, F. annuel, fr. L. annualis, fr. annus year. Cf. Annals.]


Of or pertaining to a year; returning every year; coming or happening once in the year; yearly.

The annual overflowing of the river [Nile]. Ray.


Performed or accomplished in a year; reckoned by the year; as, the annual motion of the earth.

A thousand pound a year, annual support. Shak.


Lasting or continuing only one year or one growing season; requiring to be renewed every year; as, an annual plant; annual tickets.



© Webster 1913.

An"nu*al, n.


A thing happening or returning yearly; esp. a literary work published once a year.


Anything, especially a plant, that lasts but one year or season; an annual plant.

Oaths . . . in some sense almost annuals; . . . and I myself can remember about forty different sets. Swift.

3. R. C. Ch.

A Mass for a deceased person or for some special object, said daily for a year or on the anniversary day.


© Webster 1913.

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