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Anthem of Kaskada: Surrounded by dunes and sand

(1st Stanza)
Surrounded by dunes and sand,
embraced by mountains evermore,
may the glory resume and,
be impecuniousness nevermore.
And the heart beats for the council,
which will never leave their posts.
They will wipe out who is doubtful,
And reward who works the most.
Hail the Council,
Hail the Council.

(2nd Stanza)
Kaskada may live forever,
but we all will die alone.
So we must make something greater,
that the world remembers us.
War is what they must remember,
because war will never change.
Our foes are burning embers,
if the nukes have been exchanged.
O Secret Police,
Secret Police.

(3rd Stanza, censored. Hummed to honor the countless poets that died in making this anthem)

(4th Stanza)
Our leaders always know,
what is best for everyone,
still the most important growth,
is of our industry.
Money falls in our pockets,
milk and honey flow like water,
if the enterprises rocket,
and the corporations win.
Pink is the color,
of our freedom

(5th Stanza)
Let us grow and let us live,
our sacred ancestors had screamed,
when the forces that awakened,
eyed them from their darkened dreams.
To their luck malicious forces,
often are blind on both their eyes,
So our ancestors held their horses,
conveyed metaphorically in lies.
Elephants Pink,
Elephants Pink.

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