The time and place at which professional wrestlers offer to meet their rivals to settle the score once and for all.

The utterance of this challenge is one of the time-honored rituals of the stylized theatre of professional wrestling - as central to it as kakegoe is to Kabuki.

The association of this exclamation with wrestling did not detract from the impact of an ad for a "facial massager" that I once saw in a cheesy "gift catalogue" for ladies. There, among the musical bud vases, angel tea cozies, and retractible clothes lines, was a large photograph of an attractive, smiling woman rubbing her cheek with a big beige vibrator of the standard phallic type. The caption that floated near her head, in bold print, and at a jaunty angle, read "Any time! Anywhere!".

I've often wondered if there were a few innocent souls who took the ad at face value (so to speak), and developed the habit of whipping out their vibrators on the train, in doctors' waiting rooms, or even at professional wrestling matches.

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