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Apple Beer is an amusing beverage I have had the perchance to try for the fisrt time today. Despite the name, it's not really liquid bread -- It's Apple Cider made in the manner of bravarian beer -- in wooden casks, etc. It first came about in the early 1800's, using "only the finest sicilian apples". It was available only in Germany until the early 60's when a few euntrepreneurial souls from Utah bought the right to used the formula and proceded make and distribute it. It seems to have developed a pretty devoted following among some people, mostly west of the Rockies.

It's got a very crisp, clean flavour about it, also with a bit of a 'snap' to the taste. Slightly effervensent, with head. Yes, a soft drink with head! Saddly. I have a gastric intolerence to apples, so I can't drink more then a few glasses of anything apple-based without becomming sick -- just like as if it were REAL beer!

I'm also partial to it since it's made right here near where I live. This of course means that it's non-alchoholic... everyone is crestfallen, I know.

To all those who are tempted to make another "If computer Companies were beers" node here, please, do us all a favour and don't.

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