I've been having a lot of nightmares lately. Not just the waking nightmare of watching the conspiracy theorists slowing taking over the public political discourse, but actual nightmare dreams. The worst involved me rescuing Tessie, who'd been kidnapped and taken to New York City's Chinatown with a ridiculous and scary Big Trouble in Little China plot. Other events included me being sexually assaulted and having to to kill one of my torturers (a scene reminiscent of the murder of Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones. Altogether, a dream I really wish I'd not recalled on waking.

What I want to dream of is being curled up in front of a fire with the woman I love, watching The Princess Bride with a bottle of wine, but that's so far been denied me, even in my dreams.

I've also been wanting to return the favour of all the gifts people have been getting for me (big thanks to the kind soul who sent me socks!), and so I created a gift registry so that all of you can add wish lists. This would be useful for both random acts of kindness and birthday presents. Feel free to add your list to the registry so we may all show our appreciation for you. I've a score of books on mine that I'm slowly working my way down; two of my recent purchases I bought to re-read so I may write a review. I'm currently taking notes on Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang, and once I've read that, Desert Solitaire. Watch this space!

Healthwise, I'm doing well. Incidents of angina are much reduced, but peripheral vascular disease continues to wreak havoc with my walking to the point where it's all I can do to hirple to the bus stop to get into town, but it's more inconvenience than concern. Occasional headaches are a slight worry, and curiously, the left side of my face is constantly itchy (which has thus far baffled everyon from dermatologists, neurologists and amateur witch doctors. The human body is truly a mysterious and wonderful thing.

E2-wise I have reached the point where the number of drafts I've started are causing decision paralysis. Executive dysfunction…? I could write a book.

The Lie Quest has been a slight disappointment, as while it's produced some good things, has so far failed to engage the broader userbase. I'd welcome comments as to why…

My favourite pleasure continues to be coffee and books (I'm roasting every third day to keep pace with my consumption, and have recently scored some nice decaffeinated Peruvian geen beans that I will start roasting soon to supplement my regular decaf).

With that I shall return to the mundane world, possibly have another cappuccino, more biscotti and return to one of my drafts. Stay sane and happy, everyone, and Happy Thursday!


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