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Normally I am a very punctual person. Growing up my father believed that being 'on time' was arriving at least fifteen minutes early to an event, my mom tends to be less punctual however since I am my father's daughter I tend to arrive early. Today my plan to sleep in was disrupted by my mom calling me. Typically I would have been up by the time she called however I got home late last night and I was so wired after work I decided I needed sleep more than my family needed clean clothing or vacuumed floors. Lately I've been taking advantage of the warmer weather and walking down by the lake. Today I was ready to skip my walk entirely but then I remembered I'm trying to get into better shape and for me exercise is a great tension reliever. About halfway through my rainy walk I turned around. By the time I got back home my sweatshirt was soaked and I could hardly breathe I was so cold.

Instead of taking a nice hot shower I decided the bathroom needed cleaning. After that I moved on to the living room. While I was cleaning in there my husband came in to discuss our artwork situation. His idea is to get a couple of prints and rotate through those. The idea of having to store more things makes me anxious. Clutter in general stresses me out, I'm a control freak and feeling my environment spin out of control makes me rather unpleasant to deal with. Anyways after the living room was clean and some of the paintings were down I went into my room to start cleaning in there. Somehow I ended up hanging out with my husband in bed where we talked about some shirts he had purchased. I explained that I didn't think the shirts fit and he told me they were just shirts so I should let go of the idea that they were somehow less than ideal. Eventually we moved past that topic, from there we talked about the girls and how to handle some things they're going through. Unfortunately for yours truly it was such a good conversation that I lost track of time. 

I felt bad about punching in late especially after my boss said he wasn't worried about being busy because he knew me and my coworker were always there much earlier than clock in time. The day went well for him which meant he was in a good mood. We beat our goal today and the girl I work with did an amazing job with some people I had worked with previously. Some day I hope to give that guy a story of his own although initially I worked with him and his girlfriend. Today he brought his mom and grandmother in to the store I work at. I wish I could have worked with his family but the girl I work with got some good sales out of them so maybe it was better that she had the opportunity to work with someone nice. The funny thing about him coming back in is he was pretty frustrated when I met him. He didn't like the shoes I suggested but he did end up getting them after I explained how much arch support they had. Today he told me he loved the shoes he bought and more importantly he gave me a hug which I was not expecting but was still very nice.

Another nice thing that happened was my husband brought my girls in to see me. That always helps and it most definitely helped after I had a customer with a size ten foot walk out with a size seven pair of shoes. Shoes are not rocket science and it just bugs me when people are so vain that they will force their foot into something that doesn't fit just because they like it. After that family left I was so frustrated I had to go in back to cool down. When I came back out there was a guy standing by the clearance shoes. A lot of people don't like selling closeout shoes because they don't make much money selling them but fortunately for me I happened to grab a pair that fit him extremely well and then since the first pair he wanted was so cheap he decided he could afford the second pair that fit almost as well as the first. At work we talk about not prejuding people. You never know who is going to buy what and that guy is a perfect example of why it pays to treat everyone well. Because I treated him the way he deserved to be treated I was able to turn a potential forty dollar sale into a three hundred and fifty dollar sale and I did this in spite of his nagging bitch of a wife who treated me like dirt and him like he was four instead of almost sixty.

Days like today are frustrating because I had a huge return. Both of my coworkers pulled down over two grand in sales while my day was about half that. Part of it was my fault because I didn't come in early and part of it is this woman I spent tons of time with returned two pairs of shoes and plans on returning a third pair. I don't mind when people return things as long as they're nice about it. She has an extremely difficult foot to fit plus she has some other issues that make her foot tough to fit. This past week has been tough for me in terms of sales but I try to make sure all of my sales are quality sales even when one woman spends an hour and a half trying on thirteen separate pairs of clogs. No one measured her foot when she bought her first pair. I had to apologize to her for that and since I assumed she had been measured I wasted a lot of time working on making the wrong size work for her. To sum up my day it had good spots, it had some facets I could have done without but when I came home and saw my new polka dotted shower curtain and striped soap dispenser that my children chose I had to acknowledge that today life is good.

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