Yesterday's dream was odd.

The train was from the past. The elderly aunts were dressed in late 1800s clothes, down to the ankle skirt and bustle and layers and ruffles....some of the time. The train car was empty except for them and the children. The train was going through miles and miles of land with no people, no towns, no fracking. Sage brush and dust and sun and rabbits.

The children were dressed in modern clothes, mostly, except that they flicked back into 1890s clothes.

There were no train personnel.

The two men were never more than shadows. Their faces weren't seen, and the rape of the children was not specific.... almost as if I was inhabiting the other child each time. The emotions were very specific.

In the dream I knew it was unfair that the children blamed the elderly aunts. The elderly aunts were all the children had, yet could not protect them from the malevolent men. From damage, from rape, from terror. And there is still so much of that in the world...both terror and blaming the wrong people while the shadows walk off not caring.

Another dream of fours: four people and two shadows and a train....

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