Today is April 4th, 2015. I quit my job yesterday.

Well, technically I didn't "quit", I gave my two weeks notice. It was the product of many weeks being overworked at a job I was under qualified for, more or less the average plight of retail. I'd been told many times that I should have lined up a new job before I quit anywhere and admittedly my financial situation is not great but I simply couldn't stand my workplace anymore and I was beginning to see red at the slightest provocation.

It probably would only have been a matter of time before I snapped and punched an old lady.

Now at least, I can be happy. I saw three general mangers come and go, all of whom saw my potential and abused it. That's how retail works these days; no meritocracy and full on exploitation of anyone and everyone underneath you so you can cover your own ass. It's a vicious system that fools people into thinking that it's a normal way to treat one another and sucks away years of their lives for subsistence wages. The joy that I felt politely telling my GM that it was time to "cut the string" and exit the cycle was nothing less than revelatory and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

The time has now come to aggregate the job sites and look through the classifieds. My qualifications are that of a paralegal. Its a competitive market but I trust the legal system to reliably churn out jobs for underlings and minions, if not for lawyers themselves. I just sent out 6 resumes and I'm going to send out 6 more after I finish this WU. In truth I don't care if I actually work in a law office. All I want is something that provides me with financial independence and the ability to move on with my life. ADHD and a lousy family life have both made it difficult to get this far without distraction but it's finally time to move on.

Hoy mas que nunca, victoria.

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