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I don't know why I expect my life to be more uneventful, wishful thinking, I guess. Saw cardiologist last Tuesday and asked him to order a repeat Cardiac PET Scan to assess if meds are working. Doing that on 8/8 after following high protein, high fat, very low carbs diet and fasting one day and one night beforehand. This will be my third scan, having the dubious distinction of being the only patient who has had more than one.

Can't afford to replace all the appliances giving up the ghost at the same time, but have chosen the clothes washer and dryer. After far too much research, decided on a matching pair being phased out because apparently everyone wants all the bells and whistles. One of our cats caught a mouse which hid behind the dryer. I discovered the washer was leaking and the dryer duct ripped while hunting for the mouse who got loose.

Have been dealing with homeowners' insurance since beginning of March for damage caused by Wind Event. I've had 4 adjusters, 3 customer service reps and 2 Resolution Specialists. The most recent field adjuster has been in this area since January from Texas, big guy, great Southern accent. I'm hoping he's the last one. Meanwhile every time it rains, interior damage gets worse. If all goes well, work should commence this month.

Thanks to all who participated in Brevity Quest 2018 which seemed more like Iron Noder!

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