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If you think about it, humans are animals, not any better than a mosquito or an elephant. Humans only think they are. But what about elephants? What if THEY think they're better than everything? What does that make humans? second best? or does our opinion mean more because we're smarter?
We are just the same as every animal on the planet.
No animal belongs to someone more than I belong to you. Most people own a pet, but what does that really mean? That it belongs to you and you can make it please you whether it wants to or not? Well if you are just the same as your pet, then what gives you the right to control it?
I think Animals deserve more respect that humans. They don't hurt things just to hurt them, they do what they have to do and don't try to find and easy way around it, and everything to them is equal.

Though you wouldn't agree with this if you believe that humans are the main focal point in the universe, or something along those lines.

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