New York 2075:
The Dark Queen, the cruel witch with a thousand powers, rules over this futuristic world...

A typical fantasy themed cartoon. A prince, a witch and a magical spell on a princess, castles and knights but with a slight sci-fi twist.

The Background Story

In the kingdom of Tir Loch, Prince Argai is engaged to the beautiful maiden Angel. But the Barbarians, ruled by the Queen L'oriel (the Dark Queen) are invading, and the armies of Tir Loch are losing the battle. The Dark queen, disguised as a simple old woman, casts a spell on Angel, in order to gain immortality and kidnaps her. The Kingdom is overrun and the King and his subjects flee the Kingdom, but Argai remains to find his love.

He finds that she is missing and the dark Queen placed her under a dark spell when he arrives at the church in Tir Loch. The monks still survived, but injured tell him that is destined to see her again, and tell him about a book of prophecies, which tell him that he will be transported into the future. He is struck by lighting in the church and vanishes.

He wakes up in a pile of trash in a New York City alley, in the year 2075. In this furistic world, the Dark Queen rules with an iron fist and uses robotic militia to keep law and order as well as to further her own interests.

In the alley, a thief attempts to rob the Prince, but the Prince draws his sword before he can do anything. Frightened, he yells for help and the miltia notice and go after the prince. The thief vanishes leaving Argai to run away from the militia. Just a he is about to be captured, a couple of strangers take the Prince into their apartment and hide him from the militia.

One stranger identifies himself Oscar Lightbulb, a detective. Oscar introduces the Prince to the other stranger, his assistant Barnaby and their secretary, Miss Moon. The prince introduces himself and relays his story to them. They are intrigued and fascinated and set out to help him defeat the Dark Queen and rescue Angel...

Opening Credits

TFI - Carrere - La Colonia

Concept, script and dialogue
Sébastien Dorsey

With the participation of
Centre national de la cinématographé

Music composed and written by
Didier Julia

Associate Producers
Didier Julia
Claude Carrere

Jean-César Suchorski


The most obscure cartoon I have ever seen. It appears that many of the cartoons that I like tend to be the more obscure ones (which means that mostly, they only last one season). To my knowledge, currently (October 2003) this only screens on New Zealand Prime Television on Saturday mornings at 10.30 AM. A google search will only find online television listings for this cartoon. (And eventually, this node.) From reading the credits, it appears that I have been watching an English dub of a primarily French production. I have no idea what the French name of this cartoon is.

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