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Verse 1
Mer Hairenik, azad angakh, (Our fatherland, free and independent,)
Vor abrel eh tareh tar (That lived from century to century)
Ir vor tika art ganchoom eh (His children are calling)
Azad, angakh haiasdan. (Free independent Armenia.)
Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 2
Aha yeghpair kez mi trosh, (Here brother, for you a flag,)
Zor im tzerkov kordzetzi (That I made with my hands)
Keeshernera yes koon chega, (Nights I didn't sleep,)
Ardasoonkov luvatzi. (With tears I washed it.)
Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 3
Nayir neran yerek kooynov, (Look at it, 3 colors)
Nuviragan mer nushan, (It's our gifted symbol.)
Togh poghpoghi tushnamoo tem, (Let it shine against the enemy.)
Togh meesht bandza Haiastan. (Let Armenia always be glorious.)
Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 4
Amenayn degh maha mi eh (Everywhere death is the same)
Mart mee ankam bid merni, (Everyone dies only once)
Paytz yerani vor ir azki (But lucky is the one)
Azadootyan ga tzohvi. (Who is sacrificed for his nation.)
Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Repeat Verse 1

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