Aropax is the trade name of a medication known as Paroxetine. It is in the group of drugs known as SSRIs, which are antidepressants.

Aropax is generaly used for the treatment of chronic and cyclic depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive complusive disorders (OCD) and panic attacks.

The minimum dossage is 10mg daily, and maximum is 50mg, however the usual dossage is 20mg (1 tablet) a day.

Although aropax, like many SSRIs, is not chemicaly addictive, it can be mentaly addictive, which means a person may begin to mentaly depend on the drug, and feel it is there only way to avoid depression, reduction or withdrawl from this drug can cause a relapse in depression, therefore it is important, as with many SSRIs to consult with your doctor about the best method of stopping taking aropax.

There is a side effect of aropax withdrawl that is starting to become recognised, and that is what patients desribe as "electric shocks" when they go off aropax. As one who has both gone off aropax cold turkey and one who has been electricuted, I can attest that "electric shocks" is a resonable term to use to describe it, although it is nothing like what real electric shocks feel like :). These symptons usually disappear within 28-72 hours of stopping aropax. But are fun none-the-less.

For a list of aropax side effects, see

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