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Art Alexakis is the lead singer of Everclear. For all the Everclear information you could ever want, visit that node.

I'm here to talk about something totally different.

It was February 5th, 2001 that I saw Everclear perform at The Warehouse in Toronto. I do not doubt Art's lyrical genius, nor do I doubt his sincerity. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, with one exception.

The concert was a rousing success, with Everclear coming on for three encores and many more songs. Coming from the same man who says "Say fuck you to those who tell you what to do", Art proceeds to stop the concert when he sees a fan "punking me off" and refuses to continue playing until the guy and his girlfriend are physically removed from the premises.

Now I didn't see what Art saw, but I did see the same guy enjoying himself and getting a nod from bassist Craig Montoya for his efforts. What kind of fan would stay the full 4 hours just to give Art a hard time? In a second, the entire crowd turned on this one guy Lord of the Flies style, chanting and screaming for him to leave.

This is the same Art Alexakis that advocates defiance of authority... he stops the show to kick a fan out of his show, forgetting that without fans, he would have no show. He also insists that "too many people think that they're rock stars these days... and what do you say to people that think they're such hot stuff?" "fuck you!"

I just wanted to see what would have happened had the guy screamed out that same "fuck you" to Art.

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