As you do is a phrase I've been hearing more lately. This cromulent little expression is deployed ironically around tales of dumbassery and folly, specifically in cases where you wouldn't have done that. A few example use cases:

Now, John was driving through a residential neighborhood at 3:00 AM with his windows rolled down and his stereo blaring I Touch Myself by Divinyls, as you do, when he realized he'd forgotten to charge his phone.


David was in the process of filling a milk jug with Pepsi, as you do, when the Taco Bell employee tapped him on the shoulder.

As you do works best when spoken dead pan or with an almost wistful quality, like the speaker is remembering the last time they used their coat sleeve to wipe dog crap off of the bottom of their shoe. It tends to show in stories warning against the ills of late stage drug addiction but it also works perfectly well in describing most high school shenanigans that end in an ambulance ride.


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