A dying net appliance (small, crippled computer anyone can use and put anywhere) manufactured by 3Com.


  • Touchscreen: 7.8 in diagonal color screen
  • Resolution: 640x480, 12-bit color
  • Processor: 200 MHz National Semiconductor Geode
  • Ports: 2 RJ-11 jacks, 1 serial port, 2 USB ports, audio out
  • Memory: 32 MB, 16 MB flash memory
  • External power: External wall mount power supply
  • Color: linen white
  • Height: 23 cm (9.2 in)
  • Width: 30 cm (11.7 in)
  • Depth (stand open): 18.8 cm (7.4 in)
  • Audio: Built-in microphone, stereo speakers, audio jack, volume control

    3Com has apparently decided to get out of the net appliance business and is dropping its inventory as well as support for the devices. This also means that you can get them at extremely low prices ($90 from an original $500). The Audrey is more or less for those who want the internet without the computer. It can do the regular internet stuff (email and web browsing) plus has the ability to sync with Palm handhelds. The Audrey comes with a wireless keyboard and clear stylus that can flash green when you receive new mail.

    For those of us who don't like to leave things the way the manufacturer intended, there are groups actively hacking the Audrey. Unlike some of the other net appliances, though, no great breakthrough has yet been accomplished besides getting a QNX prompt on the Audrey. With the influx of these items into the market, though, there is sure to be more of an interest in the near future.

    See http://www.audreyhacking.com for hacking articles

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