Yesterday was a bit of shitty day for me, which ultimately caused me to reconsider a bit of a bigger picture aspect of my life thus far- whether I'm going to continue smoking pot. As you'll see, the evidence seemed to stack up as to why I should quit while I'm behind...

Went for a bike ride yesterday after work, the bike had been a little wonky on the last time I'd been out but for some reason didn't feel motivated enough to warrant fixing it properly. So headed out after it'd been raining to the trails out in Erie.

Got out there just fine but as soon as I got on the dirt it started to stick. To everything. Pretty miserable riding, I opted to just keep going even though it was obviously the bad call. As I kept climbing I noticed the rear derailler getting stickier with all the mud and tumbleweed that caught itself up. Kept cranking and felt the mechanism pull itself into the spokes and totally fucked the rear derailler, bent metal and all.

What was worse was that it actually pulled itself onto the frame and got stuck there- a jumbled messy pile of pieces, embedded into the metal of the frame.

Managed to pull it mostly apart and broke the chain in two. Decided to try and run it singlespeed so I broke the chain again, although this time I dropped the smaller piece in the grass and completely forgot about it. Put the chain back on in the small ring and onto the cassette and started to ride uphill again.

The positioning of the crank to the cassette kept pulling the chain into the larger cogs though, putting too much tension on the chain and causing the whole drivetrain to seize up. Tried going back to get the extra links of chain that I'd broken but they were long gone in the grass so I couldn't find it, at all.

Decided to limp back towards the fiance's school where she was wrapping up for the day. Was able to coast but not pedal because the chain was locked so tight and didn't want to do any more damage.

Made it back to her car, loaded up the bike on top, then tossed everything else in the back. Or so I thought.

The phone apparently never made it inside, and a few miles down the road we heard a clunk as if something had flown off. Guessing that it was indeed the phone. Fuck.

So anyways, feeling pretty upset by my flakiness throughout the day, hoping to get better about such things by cutting out weed. 'Cause it's making me hazy and dumb.

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